The very first owner of the New Inn was Mr William Grubb in 1871, there have been a variety of Landlords since then, however, the longest serving was Mr and Mrs Eslick spending over 30 years here.

The 300-year-old part of the building has been extended and developed over the years, and has evolved with the small town of Goonhavern. It is believed to have been an old hunting lodge or coach house due to its location on the main routes through to other towns. The only thing we know for certain is that there has been local talk in the village of the oldest part of the building being haunted.

People have experienced things being knocked off the old mantle piece (from an older fireplace long blocked up where the bar is now), chairs being pulled out after the pub being closed and any number of strange noises. Our resident ghost - Annie -  died here many years ago and passes quietly through the oldest parts of the building, unless you disturb her!